First use of "lavender linguistics"?

Jed Dews jedewsua at YAHOO.COM
Thu Apr 27 17:03:39 UTC 2006

Hi all,
     I'm a lurker around here who loves reading the posts but doesn't post often. I do have a question though that I bet someone here can answer.
    I've been trying to find the first usage or the originator of the phrase "lavender linguistics" to mean the linguistic study of the language and language use of LGBT individuals. I've found lots of uses and references to the phrase, largely by William Leap and Arnold Zwicky, but I haven't found anything that cites the terms origins.
    I wouldn't be surprised if someone on this list knows or, for that matter, if the term was coined by someone on this list!
    Does anyone have a name, citation, or other reference that would tell me who gave us the phrase "lavender linguistics" and when? Thanks!

  John (Jed) E. Dews
  Instructor, Undergraduate Linguistics
  MA-TESOL/Applied Linguistics Program
  Educator, Secondary English Language Arts
  English Department, 208 Rowand-Johnson Hall (Office)
  University of Alabama

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