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> No idea who first used the term.
> My first ref in public forum was the Lesbian and Gay Studies
> conference at Harvard in 1990, in a session organized by Gil Herdt
> looking at current work in  lesbian/gay anthropology  My first in
> print reference is probably the intro to the 1995 edited
> collection, Beyond the Lavender Lexicon (Gordon and Breach.)  We
> adopted the phrasing for the AU Conference in 1993, as a way of
> avoiding using "gay" or "queer": and the foreclosure that each term
> commanded. Theorizing moved on, and the name endures.
> Wlm L. Leap
> Professor and Chair,
> Department of Anthropology
> American University, Washington DC 20016

i'm pretty sure i got the expression from bill, and thought it was
his invention.  sorry to hear that he can't track it back before 1990.


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