Loogie (1985)

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Thanks, Dave.  The 1988 ex., in _Time_, is also from California.


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In the sense of a wad of phlegm, HDAS has 1988:

San Francisco Chronicle, 27 April 1985, "A Sci-Fi Horror Surprise," p. 38:
"In the middle of a French kiss, she slips a killer loogie into his face."

(Technically, this article uses "loogie" to refer to a phlegm-like alien
creature, not a wad of human phlegm, but the writer assumes the readers know
what a loogie is.)

I'm sure earlier citations are out there. I recall the term from my high
school days several years before this.

I've also found several much earlier citations of "Loogie" being used as a
nickname. The reference in these cases is unclear.

--Dave Wilton
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