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Fri Jul 14 07:06:40 UTC 2006

One suggestion on "your mother's a gunther" was "gun thug."  A search on
"gun thug" got me thinking on how "your mother's a gunther" was used.
First, here is something I found through a Google search on "gun thug."

Basil, the head gun thug, put a gun into one of the black miners', Bill
Worthington's, belly, pushed him into the bushes.

Here is the rap  in context:

just call my name and I'm gonna confroncha-
youz a lame and yo motha's a guntha
I'll beat her and puncha
Leave her bleedin' and punctured
Nigga I'll take yo newborn daughter and punt-uh

So maybe it's not an insult in the sense that it's something equivalent to
"your mother's a dumb bitch," but rather she is someone who is supposed to
be in a position of power but I'll still "beat her down."


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