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On 7/14/06, Mircea Sauciuc <msauciuc at> wrote:
> One suggestion on "your mother's a gunther" was "gun thug."  A search on
> "gun thug" got me thinking on how "your mother's a gunther" was used.
> First, here is something I found through a Google search on "gun thug."
> Basil, the head gun thug, put a gun into one of the black miners', Bill
> Worthington's, belly, pushed him into the bushes.
> Here is the rap  in context:
> just call my name and I'm gonna confroncha-
> youz a lame and yo motha's a guntha
> I'll beat her and puncha
> Leave her bleedin' and punctured
> Nigga I'll take yo newborn daughter and punt-uh
> So maybe it's not an insult in the sense that it's something equivalent to
> "your mother's a dumb bitch," but rather she is someone who is supposed to
> be in a position of power but I'll still "beat her down."

I doubt there's any connection to "gun thug" -- "guntha" looks more
like an all-purpose putdown. You can find plenty of examples on
MySpace, where it seems localized to northern New Jersey. For
starters, try:|gunthas

A sampling:

guntha ass guido bitch lol!! i love yah man!! oh yeah beach tomorrow
G! U 5Uk A55 GUN+hA NiGg@ "trying to wirte like a guntha lol"
yo bitch why u be looking like a guntha lol sike nah i love u dan the man
naw chill biscuit, yo momma and your cuzin a guntha and your dad is a
guido, but you, you iz wack, you know why? cause u iz a chop.
damn yo you stay hatin, thats why you momma guntha, now go cook some
dinner, me and the kids is hungry
well anyways, why you always take sooo damn long to respond with your
guntha ass self? dont worry you can ask me what a guntha is if you
dont know, or ask danielle, i explained it to her as well ;
naw chill with that shit , yous a guntha and thats it , deal with it ,
yo hoish ass , you cant be a guido like me

Surprisingly, "guntha" has not yet generated an
entry, but I'm sure there will be one soon.

--Ben Zimmer

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