Texas Toast (1959): OT; Personal Tragedy

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A Newspaperarchive re-check. Anything in the Dallas Morning News  (again)?
27 September 1959, Odessa (TX) American, pg. 11, col. 6 ad:
207 E. 27th
Served with Salad, Gravy, Honey, Tangy and Tartar Sauce, French Fries and
Texas Toast
We just returned from the Dominican Republic (where we visited my wife's
father, who has schizophrenia). Towards the end of our trip, we learned that my
wife's father's younger brother had been tragically killed in NYC.
Just before our trip began, my wife's aunt (her mother's side) had died in  a
Does anything good ever happen?

(East Side-WABC, July 26, 2006) - A  hit-and-run driver struck and killed a
disabled Queens man in daylight on a busy  East Side street, then returned to
the bloody scene to look, witnesses claimed.
Eyewitness News has learned 54-year-old  Eugenio Garcia, who neighbors said
was visiting a friend nearby, was run down  while walking across Third Avenue
near 28th Street when a black sedan with New  York plates hit him and sped off.

Witnesses said it appeared Garcia was thrown 20 feet into the air. Police are
 looking for a black car, likely a Lincoln Town Car with New York license
plates,  sped north on Third Avenue.
Investigators say Garcia was not in the crosswalk when he was  hit.
Witnesses tried to comfort the victim as several other  bystanders jumped in
an SUV and attempted unsuccessfully to pursue the driver.
A few witnesses said the hit-and-run driver sped away north on Third Avenue,
then apparently circled around and briefly returned to the accident scene to
gawk before fleeing again.
Police were unable to verify those accounts.
In Garcia's Richmond Hill neighborhood, neighbors were stunned and saddened
to hear of his death. "He was a wonderful man," Jessica Acevedo said. "He was
a  humble guy. He was just nice people."

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