/r/ deletion and insertion

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As a speaker of such a dialect, I'd like to point out that, in my
idiolect, at least, r-Insertion also occurs before stops:

WATER rhymes with BARTER

GOD and GUARD fall together as GUARD


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> Dear Nancy
> Maybe you just didn't cite it in your e-mail, but I wonder whether the kind of
> sporadic /r/-insertion and -deletion that you are writing about is at all
> connected to the more systematic (for those who have it in their dialect)
> /r/-insertion in 'wash' > /wOrS/, 'Washington' > /wOrSiNt at n/?
> I believe this is common in the US Midland as defined by Labov, Ash and Boberg
> (2006) *Atlas of North American English*, but you'd want to check with someone
> who really knows, or in that volume, to be sure.
> (Key to my ASCII IPA:  lower-case characters are what you would expect them to
> be;  /O/ = open o; /S/ = esh; /N/ = engma.)
> Damien Hall
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