The Verbing Man (1887)

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Fri Jul 28 16:59:43 UTC 2006

Stumbled across this gem while looking for "turkey" as a verb in bowling...

Los Angeles Times, Feb. 3, 1887, p. 9/2
[HNP Doc ID 318439292]

The Verbing Man.

"Oh, yes I Christmased," says the man,
 Who skips from verb to noun;
I dined and turkeyed à la mode,
 And curry sauced in town.

I restauranted everywhere,
 I whiskyed, beered and aled;
Cigared I on Havanas rare,
 And on Regalias galed.

I New Yeared, too, on viands rich
 And I champagned myself;
Or Tomed and Jerryed -- can't tell which,
 Expenditured my pelf.

I resolutioned on that day,
 As spirits throbbed my head;
But when the pangs next panged away,
 I just cocktailed instead.

                           --Texas Siftings.

--Ben Zimmer

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