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Fred Shapiro fred.shapiro at YALE.EDU
Sat Jun 3 00:21:12 UTC 2006

Ralph Keyes, whose book _Nice Guys Finish Seventh_ was the first quotation
book to really make clear how much Bartlett's and the Oxford Dictionary of
Quotations could be improved upon, has a new book out, _The Quote
Verifier_.  His research findings are modest compared to the forthcoming
_Yale Book of Quotations_, but he has some good stuff and has drawn to
some extent on ADS-L (through Google searches?), thus scooping me on
certain items.

An example where he seems to have done his own ProQuest searching
and made good discoveries is the famous Dirksenism "A billion here, a
billion there..."  Keyes has gone way beyond Barry and myself and found a
version of this in the _N.Y. Times_ in 1938.

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