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On Fri, 2 Jun 2006, Fred Shapiro wrote:

> Ralph Keyes, whose book _Nice Guys Finish Seventh_ was the first quotation
> book to really make clear how much Bartlett's and the Oxford Dictionary of
> Quotations could be improved upon, has a new book out, _The Quote
> Verifier_.  His research findings are modest compared to the forthcoming
> _Yale Book of Quotations_, but he has some good stuff and has drawn to
> some extent on ADS-L (through Google searches?), thus scooping me on
> certain items.

My praise of _The Quote Verifier_ was too restrained.  As I have been
working through it I am struck by how extensively he has drawn on ADS-L
postings and also by how much of his own searching he has done on
ProQuest Historical Newspapers, Newspaperarchive, and American Periodical
Series, among other databases (he tells me he used Questia and Amazon as
well).  Really an outstanding book.

Fred Shapiro

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