"No one washes a rental car" (1991?, 1996)

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>I'm going through THE QUOTE VERIFIER (2006).
>Another 1882 "Please do not shoot the organist" is below, this time from
>Texas. I love this line.
>"No one washes a rental car" seems to be from a union leader in 1996, but
>what is the 1991 Google Books cite?

Thomas Friedman (NYT columnist) is always quoting this line in the
form "In the history of the world no one has ever washed a rented
car" (usually applied to Iraq).  He attributes it to the now
ex-President of Harvard, Larry Summers, but I have no idea where
Summers got it from or when.  It would make sense checking under
"rented car" too, in any case.


>3 October 1882, Atchison (KS) Globe, pg. ?, col. 5:
>It is related that a Texas pastor posted the following notice in his  church:
>"Please do not shoot the organist; he is doing his best."
>(Also Newark Daily Advocate, 16 November 1883)
>(Google Groups)
>     _Facilitator  Assessment - Summary_
>... one thing when it's a  volunteer group and one thing when the=20
>participants are
>primary  stockholders of a for-profit company.=20 Nobody ever washes  a
>rental ...
>- Aug 27 1996, 11:01 am by Brock Vodden - 1 message
>- 1  author
>(Google Books)
>_Quick Response Manufacturing - Page 494_
>by Rajan Suri -  Business & Economics - 1999 - 544 pages
>A union leader at United echoed the  sentiment, "No one washes a rental car."
>In other words, you take care  of what you own. In fact, while traditionally
>(Google Books)
>_Selected Crime Issues: Prevention and Punishment : Hearings  Before the
>Subcommittee on Crime and..._
>by United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary.  Subcommittee
>on Crime and Criminal Justice -  1991 - 927 pages
>Page 535
>No preview  available - _About this  Book_
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