"can I get a..."

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I never noticed this while living in N.Y.C., 1950s through mid-' 70s.

  I grew up saying, "I'd like a...," which now alternates with "I need a...."  "(Have) you got a...?" seems as though it goes way back, but only when there's some doubt that the item is available.


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Can anyone tell me if anything's been written about "can I get a" as a
request form, as in "Can I get a double decaf cappuccino?"?

It's one of those things that's derided here as Americanism--with two
Englishmen I've talked to saying that it sounds like the customer is asking
to come to the other side of the counter and make themselves a coffee.
It's stereotypically associated with Starbucks culture and revival meetings
("Can I get a witness?" "Can I get an 'amen'?")--both pretty American

I ask because I've just started a blog about US/UK dialectal differences
that I run into on a daily basis. If you're interested, it's at:



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