Cheese and rice (Jesus Christ!)

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I celebrated my three-month anniversary with the movie THE BREAK-UP.  Chicago
tour guide Vince Vaughn thankfully didn't mention "the Windy City," but  he
did get "Second City" wrong.
One character declares "Cheese and rice!" HDAS has only "cheese and  crusts."
cheese and rice

This is a less offensive way of saying "Jesus Christ"

It originated  with the movie 'The Faculty'. In the real version, one of the
characters  exclaimed "Jesus Christ!" but in the edited TV version, they had
it changed to  "Cheese and rice!"
Guy #1: Aliens landed on Earth!
Guy #2: Cheese  and rice!
_Great Redubs (Was Re: Stupid Redubs)_
In the TV cut of "Used Cars", "Jesus Christ!" becomes "Cheese  and Rice!" I
of some rabbis who only say "Cheese  and Rice" or even "Mr Rice". ...
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...  surface treatment I described in my original post. Oh cheese and  rice,
De Armond. I made my living rebuilding engines for several  ... (
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