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Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Tue Jun 20 19:24:40 UTC 2006

At 2:31 PM -0400 6/20/06, Beverly Flanigan wrote:
>This would make sense for Keillor, who likes to tout his "English major"
>schtik.  (I know--we've argued over the spelling of that last word before;
>I have no idea what the most accepted version is!)
In general, Yiddish words are "correctly"
transliterated in sh-, not sch-.  So shtik 'comic
bit', as opposed to Ger. Stück 'piece'.  But the
sch- rendering is not uncommon, and is often (as
in AHD4) listed as the first option. -ick vs. -ik
is another variable, so for example AHD4 gives
"shtick, schtick, shtik" in that order
(apparently "schtik" is impossible!).  Go know.
These are all given as derived from Yid. "shtik".
I'd go with "shtik" myself for the English, but I
may be in a minority.

Mark might wish to register a more informed opinion.


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