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> "Selfsploitation"
> Seventeen raw Googlits having to do with exploiting oneself
> for fame and/or gain. However, I first came across it in the
> sense, with reference only to women, of taking erotic
> pictures of oneself for display on umsites for
> amateurs. Cf., e.g.,          <http://www.ishotmyself.com>.
> -Wilson Gray

LexisNexis has an example of your first meaning from 2002:
--Tyson's Foul Mouth Is a Window To His Soul,  The Washington Post, May
12, 2002 Sunday,  Final Edition, SPORTS; SALLY JENKINS; Pg. D01, 1159
words, Sally Jenkins
Critics of Fox will charge that this was simply more of Tyson's
self-sploitation, a canny use of his notoriety to promote the fight.

I think -(s)ploitation is a fairly active suffix in review-speak, isn't
it? Some other examples from LN:

--ALL A CINEPHILE NEEDS TO KNOW,  Hartford Courant (Connecticut),
February 21, 2006 Tuesday,  STATEWIDE EDITION, LIFE; NOTICED; Pg. D1,
408 words, -- SUSAN DUNNE
They add ``sploitation'' to the end of everything to coin a cheesy new
subgenre, and wonder whether director Stan Brakhage was a visionary or
just a guy who traded in his medication for a movie camera.

--Indie-Rock Duo Keep 2 Home Fires Blazing,  The New York Times, April
12, 2006 Wednesday,  Late Edition - Final, Section E; Column 4; The
Arts/Cultural Desk; POP MUSIC REVIEW; Pg. 6, 413 words, By LAURA SINAGRA
But energy is what fans expect from these two, who rage against aging,
injustice, drone mentality and corporate temp-sploitation.

--Sydney Confidential, The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, Australia), October
words, NAOMI TOY and FIONA CONNOLLY;  Additional reporting: Dora
Tsavdaridis and Peter Gosnell
(seems to be a quote from Q. Tarantino) I could go on forever, I'm a big
fan of what I call "Aussie-sploitation", which is like the equivalent of
drive-in movies and horror films.

--Slim pickings, The Evening Post (Wellington), November 1, 2001,
Thursday, FEATURES; ENTERTAINMENT;, Pg. 22;, Movies and Music R and R
Your Guide to a Great Weekend, 772 words, RENDLE Steve
Not that this is an exercise in manipulative pop-sploitation, though
Hogg says he sees a pop element in all their songs.

Some others include:
youth 'sploitation
gang-sploitation (!)
Di-sploitation (Diana)

According to this logic, the Sopranos would be mob-sploitation and the
new Disney hit Cars would be animated car-sploitation, or maybe just
animation-sploitation, a genre already exposed in Who Framed Roger

--Clai Rice

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