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At 6/25/2006 07:47 PM, you wrote:
>At 6:29 AM -0700 6/24/06, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
>>Alisyn Camerota of _Fox & Friends_ just used the word "odiferous."
>>Her two co-hosts then began to laugh and tease her for having "been
>>reading her vocabulary book."  TV news people usually make fun of
>>words that might be unfamiliar to a tenth-grader.
>>   But they didn't make fun of "odiferous" for being a stupidism for
>>"odoriferous."  Google offers 100,000 hits.  Microsoft Word's
>>spellchecker is said to accept, nay, to recommend it.
>>   JL
>Are we sure the intended lexical item wasn't in fact "odiferous",
>which I assume would mean 'hate-bearing', an eminently plausible
>meaning for a lexical item on Fox News to bear?

Or even the "shortened forms of odoriferant, -ferous" that is in
OED2?  (Citations from 14.. to 1977).


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