"even still" ?

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Sat Mar 11 01:51:29 UTC 2006

>Merely a blend? Merely?  I'm wounded!.... Anyway, yes, it is a blend:
>"even so" + "still."
>Gerald Cohen
>Author of _Syntactic Blends in English Parole_,  (Frankfurt a.M.: Peter
>Lang, 1987, 178 pp.)
  Abject apologies!!!  A thoughtless choice of words.  I love blends.  I
have the feeling I've both seen and heard this one elsewhere.  Had you
recorded it?

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>> Subject:           "even still" ?
>> >From Michael Connelly,/The Lincoln Lawyer/:
>> "There were predators among the female ranks that easily  rivaled those
>>among the males.  But, even still, the women I saw in jail seemed so
>> different....."
>> This looks a bit off-key to me, but I don't know if it rises to the
>>level of eggcorn;  perhaps merely a blend.
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