"even still" ?

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     Abject apologies are a bit overdone.  Profound ones will do.  :-)
When I sent the first message, there was a twinkle in my eye that didn't come across.  In any case, blends are important in language---of interest in themselves, for their role in idiomaticity, and for their relevance to broader issues in linguistics.
     My list of blends doesn't contain "even still," so thanks for this additional item. Also, a few days ago there was mention of "irregardless."  This is evidently a blend of "regardless" and "irrespective."

Gerald Cohen

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> >Merely a blend? Merely?  I'm wounded!.... Anyway, yes, it is a blend:
> >"even so" + "still."
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> >Gerald Cohen
> >Author of _Syntactic Blends in English Parole_,  (Frankfurt a.M.: Peter
> >Lang, 1987, 178 pp.)
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>   Abject apologies!!!  A thoughtless choice of words.  I love blends.  I have the feeling I've both seen and heard this one elsewhere.  Had you recorded it?
> Alison
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> >> Subject: "even still" ?
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> >> >From Michael Connelly,/The Lincoln Lawyer/:
> >> "There were predators among the female ranks that easily rivaled those among the males.  But, even still, the women I saw in jail seemed so
> >> different....."
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> >> This looks a bit off-key to me, but I don't know if it rises to the level of eggcorn;  perhaps merely a blend.
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