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Tue Sep 12 13:27:57 UTC 2006

IMO, the kitchen table has, through time, been the
place most financial and other business gets gets
done, not simply discussed, by the working class
family.  This is perhaps a waning image as every
McMansion now seems to include a home office.

To me, kitchen-table issues are issues that affect the
pocketbook and well-being of the "typical" family.
When I read or hear of "kitchen table" scenarios, I
picture the kitchen table spread with the bills, bank
statements, and other documents of family economics
and the parents discussing how to make ends meet.

--- Charles Doyle <cdoyle at UGA.EDU> wrote:

> Saturday I heard someone being interviewed on PBS
> who repeatedly used the phrase "kitchen table
> issues."  It was new to me--though Google gives
> several hundred instances of similar "kitchen table"
> locutions.
> The epithet "kitchen table" seems to signify "of
> concern to ordinary (American?) folks (or maybe
> families)."  I don't know whether the metonomy
> "kitchen table" invites us to visualize an earnest
> married couple in leisurely confabulation after
> supper--or a harried single mom desperately trying
> to persuade her unruly children to eat their
> vegetables so they can stay healthy, since they have
> no health insurance.
> --Charlie
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