Like croissant, like quiche, focaccia and ciabatta

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Tue Sep 12 18:17:37 UTC 2006

Sorry for opening a new thread, but I don't have Arnold Zwicky's
original message where I am right now.

OVer lunch, a few more zero-plural foreign-import food nouns (the nouns,
mostly; more than the food) occurred to me ...

I think my quiche are pretty good, but the best I have ever tasted and
would love to be able to duplicate, are served at the Hotel Del Coranado
in San Diego. Coming in as a close second are the quiche served at the
Ritz-Carleton in Laguna Nigel at their wonderful brunch on Saturday and
Sunday. They are light, almost like a soufflé in texture and the crust
is always crisp, never soggy.
These mini Quiche are easy to make and can be made ahead and re- heated
or served at room temperature.
Our quiche are hand made from the finest ingredients available to ensure
excellent quality.
Before baking, focaccia are pricked with a fork or other tined utensil
so that air bubbles and pockets don't form.
[note that in this text, this is most often "focaccia bread" or
"focaccia dough", ie the word is employed as a noun modifier]
Our Ciabatta are handmade from certified organic ingredients by a local
artisan bakery.

Many more cites from cafe and bakery sites.

Chris Waigl

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