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At 12/5/2007 06:39 PM, Alice Faber wrote:
>I'm surprised Larry didn't already post this, but there you are. This
>morning (12/5/07) on Mike and Mike in the Morning (ESPN radio), they had
>a segment with a new football analyst, a recently retired paper. One of
>the topics of discussion was the incident late in the Monday night
>Patriots-Ravens game, in which Ravens players allege that an on-field
>official repeatedly addressed one of them as "boy". (Both player and
>official are African-American.) The new analyst, Marcellus Wiley, an LA
>native who played at Columbia University

That's "Columbia College", Alice.  The university does not have
athletic teams.  (And if you sense some parochialism here, I'm sure
any Harvard College graduate would make the same comment.  What do
they say at New Haven's Yale?)

>  prior to his 10-year NFL career
>(as this was his first appearance, he started by discussing his CV),

Did he really refer to his team as "Columbia University"??  If so,
his CV is fraudulent!  :-)


>also African-American. In discussing the "boy" incident, he repeatedly
>used the expression "outside his name", which, from context meant "not
>by his name; by something other than his name". An example would be "if
>the official indeed called Rolle outside his name..."

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