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At 12/5/2007 07:54 PM, Laurence Horn wrote:
>At 6:39 PM -0500 12/5/07, Alice Faber wrote:
>>I'm surprised Larry didn't already post this, but there you are. This
>>morning (12/5/07) on Mike and Mike in the Morning (ESPN radio), they had
>>a segment with a new football analyst, a recently retired paper. One of
>>the topics of discussion was the incident late in the Monday night
>>Patriots-Ravens game, in which Ravens players allege that an on-field
>>official repeatedly addressed one of them as "boy". (Both player and
>>official are African-American.) The new analyst, Marcellus Wiley, an LA
>>native who played at Columbia University prior to his 10-year NFL career
>>(as this was his first appearance, he started by discussing his CV), is
>>also African-American. In discussing the "boy" incident, he repeatedly
>>used the expression "outside his name", which, from context meant "not
>>by his name; by something other than his name". An example would be "if
>>the official indeed called Rolle outside his name..."
>Curious, I heard that interview (thinking invidiously that Columbia
>doesn't seem to train its football players to speak as eloquently as
>one might expect),

And he probably doctored his CV too.


>and got the gist of it, but missed a couple of
>crucial features (must have been the traffic)--one was the fact that
>Wiley will be a regular on the show, and another was precisely the
>"outside his name" locution, which I totally missed every time he
>used it.  My ear is obviously slipping.
>Outside my name, yours truly
>P.S.  I am pretty sure, however, that Marcellus Wiley--boy or man--is
>a recently retired defensive lineman, not a recently retired paper.
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