The Broncks', the borough of my childhood, fades away

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> Having a London A-Z (actually the Ordnance Survey ABC) within hand's reach
> helps memory wonderfully. It includes The Cedars, The Chevenings, The
> Curve, The Hatch, The Link, and the delightful The Sunny Road. For more,
> see The
> map on that page also shows The Link and yet another, The Brightside, which
> connects with the  Sunny Side. Who wouldn't like to be able to say "I live
> on the corner of The Sunny Side and The Brightside"? Depressives need not
> apply.

Oh, tut. Senior moment. Please amend "sunny side" to "sunny road", passim.
(I must have been unconsciously thinking of a Wodehouse novel in which a
house called Sunnyside falls down.) My wife immediately mentioned The
Mall, of which I find there are half a dozen examples in London apart from
the famous one. There may well be lots of other disanarthric streets - the
ABC is inconsistent in its indexing of names that include the definite
article (The Mall is under "Mall, The").

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