The word of the year for 2007 is English?

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TOURISM SUICIDE = travelling to well-known tourist destinations (eg, Golden Gate Bridge) for purposes of ending one's life.

EMBEDDED GIVING = charitable contributions promised by businesses as a customer bonus, eg, if American Express promised to give to ADS 1 cent for each use of one of their credit cards during the month of December.

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Laurence Horn wrote:
> At 1:43 AM +0000 12/17/07, ronbutters at wrote:
>> The following were all new to me this year. Together they seem to
>> say a lot about life in America in the first decade of the century:
>> Tourism suicide
>> Concierge medicine
>> Embedded giving.
> They would say more to me if I knew what they were.  (I guess that
> means they're desirably opaque.)  Can we have brief definitions?

Well, I can do one out of three. "Concierge medicine" is running a
practice that accepts a limited number of patients, each of whom pays an
annual fee and, in exchange, is assured non-assembly-line appointments.

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