The word of the year for 2007 is English?

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This movie was called LEAVING LAS VEGAS.

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>TOURISM SUICIDE = travelling to well-known tourist destinations (eg,
>Golden Gate Bridge) for purposes of ending one's life.
Ah, I see.  Not to be confused with "suicide tourism", in which one
merely travels to well-known suicide destinations just to visit them.
Like, for example, the Golden Gate Bridge.  In fact, this suggests a
plot for a wacky movie:  would-be tourism suicide visits GGB to end
his or her life, only to run into suicide tourist, preferably
(although not necessarily, depending on intended audience) of the
opposite sex and unattached.  Talk about meeting cute!


P.S.  After googling, I'll have to cancel the above (except for the
movie idea, which could still work).  I see that in fact there are
*25,000* ghits for "suicide tourism" and only *152* for "tourism
suicide", both exclusively bearing the meaning Ron indicates.  So I
think we'd have to go with the former version, and meanwhile our poor
screenwriter has to come up with another term for the suicide-site

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