Early ADS WOTY nominations posted

Dennis Preston preston at MSU.EDU
Wed Dec 19 14:04:15 UTC 2007

I like 'wrap rage'; I have scars to prove it. I 
was assigned a large class in the auditorium of 
the Packaging Building one semester (MSU has a 
Packaging Major, but not yet a Holiday Wrapping 
Major); I suspected all along I was in the camp 
of the enemy, particularly when I saw the hallway 
emergency showers.


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>>  I have posted early nominations for the American Dialect SocietyĆ­s
>>  words-of-the-year vote.
>>  http://americandialect.org/woty2007/
>Is there some official (to the extent *anything* involved with the WotY
>is official!) way to submit early nominations?
>Anyway, i'd like to submit an early nomination of my own: prefixed
>lower-case "i". It's gone beyond Apply products (iPod, iPhone) and stuff
>designed to work with Apple products (iCandy, iHome), and now is used
>for things like personalized web pages (iGoogle) and even package
>openers (iSlice). (i-: The e- for a new millennium!)
>I'd also like to nominate "wrap rage" (referring to frustration at
>impenetrable plastic clamshell packaging, and occasionally,
>interestingly enough, the injuries resulting from trying to open such
>packaging), which goes back at least to 2005 via (wait for it!) the
>Colbert Report, but seems to have achieved widespread currency more
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