"Democracy is two wolves and a sheep...discussing lunch" (Ben Franklin?)

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Subject: "...And to the  Republic" (Republic, not Democracy)

I enjoyed watching C-SPAN's  coverage of the Libertarian Party convention
in Chicago. One item from the  convention is worth discussing. When
Dick Bodie was running against Andre  Marrou for the party's nomination,
a CSPAN interviewer asked him why he  could oppose some laws that the
majority are in favor, after all, the  interviewer stated, "We are a
Mr. Bodie replied that we are first a Republic and than a Democracy. The
difference being that the Bill of Rights and Constitution restrict what
the government (theoretically representing the majority) can do.
Mr. Boddie had a colorful definition of Democracy without such
restriction: "It is when two wolves and one sheep decide to vote on
'What's for dinner?'"

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