Weiner or Hamburger Schnitzel (1868)

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Two interesting news articles on the "hamburger" are below.
"Hamburger schnitzel" is, according to the Wikipedia, schnitzel with a  fried
egg on top ("Hamburg-style"?). However, citations for "Hamburger  schnitzel"
are almost non-existent. What is it?
The 1868 "hamburger schnitzel" citation from San Francisco is interesting.
It appears that the San Francisco post-gold rush people ate a lot of (mostly
weiner) schnitzel!

Andrew Smith, ketchup guy, turns burgermeister
But there's more: The editor of the new 'Oxford  Companion to American Food
and Drink' really has an eye for icons.
By Charles Perry, Times Staff Writer
July 4, 2007

Burger background
Chopped meat ancient, but L.A. cooked an icon

By Charles Perry
Los Angeles  Times

_Wiener  schnitzel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia_
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiener_schnitzel)      Hamburger Schnitzel: "Hamburg-style
schnitzel", topped with a fried egg. Holsteiner Schnitzel: "Holstein-style  schnitzel";
breaded; topped with a fried egg, ...
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiener_schnitzel - 44k  -
13 May 1868, San Francisco (CA) Daily Evening Bulletin, pg. 3 ad:
Weiner or Hamburger Schnitzel...12c
612 and 614 Montgomery st., near Clay.

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