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>UrbanDictionary's first entry for "lumpkin" has a nice dangling
>particlple, which makes the definition ambiguous: "The act of oral
>sex performed on a man while defecating." In the several other
>entries, the approved procedure becomes clear.
>Even before the the term was applied to the currently popular (?!)
>practice, I found the proper name, so prominent here is Georgia, to
>be comical (I always think of the literary character Tony Lumpkin).
>But, yes, in honor of the former governor, a major street in Athens
>is named Lumpkin, and a campus building at UGa is named Lumpkin
>House. And now there's an upscale Lumpkin Place apartment cluster.
>And an elegant restaurant named the Lumpkin Cafe.
..whose restrooms should be approached with care.


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