Katharine The Grate KatharineTheGrate at COMCAST.NET
Wed Apr 2 00:50:40 UTC 2008

My dad used to say it all the time.  He was an army man from Chicago, no
idea where he got it.  "What a yahoo!" he'd say.  (he also liked to call
people "a yuppie doofus")  A really nice man ... go figure.

When the website opened, I wondered why they called them selves 'yahoo' but
figured it was more like "eureka -- I found it"

Katharine in N. California

> I frequently use "yahoo" to describe stupid, or at
> least clueless, people.
>> > I've never heard anyone called a "yahoo".  It's
>> rare.  It's mostly a happy interjection!  Why would
>> a website call themselves "yahoo" if the meaning
>> usually stood for "crass boorish or stupid?.

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