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Unfortunately, dictionaries do not cover the term "or" very well. Both and the AHD3 fail to note that "or" can be inclusive or

To find out why "or" is correct, see


On Apr 2, 2008, at 1:52 PM, Tom Zurinskas wrote (less the childish

> The basic issues were.
> 1.'s majority pronunciation is YAY-hoo (yay as in hay), but
> I'd think it is YAH-hoo or yah-HOO.
> 2. doesn't recognize yahoo as an interjection, which is
> obvious to me as the majority use, as would after the
> interjection not the noun (stupid person).
> 3. defines a "yahoo" as a "boorish (rude), crass
> (undignified), OR stupid person."  I maintain they must mean AND not
> OR as one could be smart and boorish and crass as well.  Otherwise a
> boorish person is a yahoo,  a crass person is a yahoo, and a stupid
> person is one two.

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