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>Subject: Re: yahoo
>2. doesn't recognize yahoo as an interjection, which is
>obvious to me as the majority use, as would after the
>interjection not the noun (stupid person).

As I said before, that's the second entry for _yahoo_: take a look.
It's there! They use historical order for the entries, and as the
interjection doesn't appear until later, it comes second. They *do*
enter the interjection. There's even a reference to that later entry
in the first entry. If you'd just look, you'd see!

>3. defines a "yahoo" as a "boorish (rude), crass
>(undignified), OR stupid person."  I maintain they must mean AND not
>OR as one could be smart and boorish and crass as well.  Otherwise a
>boorish person is a yahoo,  a crass person is a yahoo, and a stupid
>person is one two.

Yes, all three could be called "yahoos". There is no problem with that.

---Amy West

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