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Thu Apr 3 17:58:55 UTC 2008

on 4/3/08 12:52 PM, Wilson Gray at hwgray at GMAIL.COM wrote:

> Mid-thirty-ish black man describing a fight:
> "He _liftes_ [lI at ftIz] me up an' drops me on the ground."
> I would have expected "lif's." Perhaps it's another example of
> attempting to rise to a higher register <har! har!> in a formal
> setting.
> Wilson
Or a way of acknowledging the /t/ (perhaps the same thing?)and then finding
it hard to pronounce /fts/. A neighbor of mine (born late 30s; hardscrabble
backwoods childhood)up here in the North Country said "toastis" for pieces
of toast, which I ascribed to the difficulty of pronouncing /sts/, but it
could also be dialectal.

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