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Case in point . . . .

Just a few moments ago in class, mentioning some prominent imagery patterns in a Jacobean play, I pronounced the word "forehead" in my customary way, [farId] (the second vowel may be a barred-"i"). Half the students professed not to know what word I was uttering; the other half delicately referred to my pronunciation as "something out of _Deliverance_"). And this is in Georgia!


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>>  >Forwarded from the forensic linguistics list.  (Pretty amazing that
>>  >research has actually shown that people form impressions of others
>>  >based on how they speak...)
>>  The writer of the above should live in the South where until
>>  relatively recently a certain type of Virginia accent and most other
>>  rural southern accents were definitely associated with a certain
>>  perceived dimness of mind!
>Larry neglected to put in an explicit irony marker.
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