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What are the phonemes of Amenglish?  Check out any dictionary pronunciaton guide.

Below are qlippits showing the 40 sounds (phonemes) of the English language in truespel notation.  This notation works.  I've taken 2 years to respelled the English language using it.  Anyone can use it going to and use the free converters.

Truespel is a superior notation because simpler is better -Occam's razor.  It's also more useful.  It can be taught to children as an inital reader that is retained in their dictionaries as a pronunciation guides and in translation guides.  It is copy/pastable in emails with no problem, and in filenames.   It is capitalization and punctuation friendly and can be used as a writing system.  It is English-friendly, the lingua franc of the world.  NONE of these things are true with present phonetic notation.

http://www.qlipmedi index.php? discid=bed79d80

Another explanation
http://www.qlipmedi t.php?ID= f253f473e5a85871 1ce3a14af507983f 6cd04e6a16785446 19329d6ad7ab221d

Trial words of 1 syllable  http://www.qlipmedi index.php? discid=bed79d82

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>> Truespel has phonemes ~er, ~air, ~or, which are American English vowels that are influenced by the letter "r", so "r" is attached to the phoneme, but a separate phoneme. This was explained.
> Well...maybe I defended your other claim too early. It turns out I don't
> understand some of your confusion like I thought I did. Now you *are*
> claiming that there are phonemes made up of multiple...phonemes?
> I'm out.
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