wrong English

RonButters at AOL.COM RonButters at AOL.COM
Wed Apr 16 00:32:23 UTC 2008

 Uh, like, three days ago, the "truespel" guy wrote (In a message dated 
4/12/08 10:16:21 PM, truespel at HOTMAIL.COM writes):

> Granted our own voicings of phonemes can change without us knowing it.  But 
> is it a bad thing to point out to people that they are mispronouncing 
> things? 
And today the "turespel" giuy writes (In a message dated 4/15/08 6:52:58 PM, 
truespel at HOTMAIL.COM writes):

> I don't have a clue about what Mr. Butter is talking about. He picked a 
> word out of space and left us no reference as to where it came from.

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