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I wasn't being clever. I discussed the fatuousness of the claim that the example TZ cites is a "mispronunciation" in an earlier e-mail, which TZ has totally ignored.

Slips of the tongue are mispronunciations. Nonce pronunciations that most speakers do not use are mispronunciations (eg, pronouncing the place name "Tulum" to rhyme with "cull 'em"). As numerous people have pointed out here many times, established dialect variants are not mispronunciations.

A "strange character problem"?
Well ...

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 Looks like you've fixed the strange character problem Ron.  Good for you!

 Cleverly you left off the example I gave of mispronouncing a persons name as Don Hockins when it's Dawn Hawkins.  And I ask a question about that, not stating a position.

 So tell us.  Is there ever a mispronunciation about any word at any time, and what qualifies it as such?  Is there no such thing as a mispronunciation?

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Uh, like, three days ago, the "truespel" guy wrote (In a message dated 4/12/08 10:16:21 PM, truespel at HOTMAIL.COM writes):

 Granted our own voicings of phonemes can change without us knowing it.  But is it a bad thing to point out to people that they are mispronouncing things?

And today the "turespel" giuy writes (In a message dated 4/15/08 6:52:58 PM, truespel at HOTMAIL.COM writes):

 I don't have a clue about what Mr. Butter is talking about. He picked a word out of space and left us no reference as to where it came from.

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