Standard US English Dialect?

Benjamin Lukoff blukoff at ALVORD.COM
Wed Apr 16 04:45:43 UTC 2008

On Wed, 16 Apr 2008, Dennis Preston wrote:

> professionals here. Instead, I find this list dominated by people
> COMPLETELY IGNORANT of linguistics, and it just wastes my time (and
> pisses mem off). It's time for me to retire from this list; every time a
> professional opinion, analysis, or survey result is offered or every
> time a query for such stuff goes out, a host of crap that we wouldn't be
> allowed in LING 101 ensues.
> Enough.

I'll say to you what I said to Arnold Zwicky--I hope you don't leave.
Don't let Tom Zurinskas run you off. There really are more of us than
there are of him.

And there always is the 'delete' key...

Ben Lukoff

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