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On Apr 20, 2008, at 10:16 AM, Wilson Gray wrote:

> I once went into a convenient[sic; this was back in the day; all such
> stores now have changed their signs to read "convenience" store.]
> store in Somerville, MA, wherein I was followed about by one of the
> clerks. When I told this to a friend, she thereafter referred to the
> place as "the _prejudice_ store." Since she was an sE speaker, I'm
> fairly certain that it wasn't the phonological environment (alone)
> that motivated her pronunciation.
> I think that this is the kind of thing that arnold has in mind.

some examples (from a great many):

Bush He's prejudice right? (

He's prejudice against fat people, bald people, women, short people,
etc.---some of the names he uses to describes some of these
individuals is; ...

Santa is flying all over the North Northeast and doesn't seem to want
to come down Texas way. I guess he's prejudice against southerners. ...

Why is that a prejudice notion? Is that all you have, he's prejudice?
Come on, now go back to sending emails at LV PD. buh bye! ...

I don't like Hannity, he's bias as hell I won't deny that, how could I
haha. I don't see O'reily that way at all though. Now, can you be
honest about ...

21st January 2008, 19:32. Who cares if he's bias towards Hewitt he is
commentating for an Australian only audience.

It doesn't matter if he's bias or not...

After reading only a few pages, I lost my trust in his expertise, and
identified a bias story.

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