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Arnold M. Zwicky zwicky at CSLI.STANFORD.EDU
Sun Aug 24 14:34:21 UTC 2008

just came across this comment by Adrian Hester (9/7/07) on Gus Van
Horn's blog:

Yo, Gus, you write: "It turned out to be a parenthesis. One lousy
parenthesis." Thank you ever so much for not saying "a parenthesee."
I've also heard matricee. It's an indicee of the fact that [here
Hester lets morphology run amok] some people should have a grammar
editricee-dominatricee whip those various and varied plurals into
their heads--and this thesee sure as hell shouldn't be shunted off
into some appendicee. Leastwise, that's the basee of my analysee, but
some might say I just have a neurosee on the subject.


[in discussion of code:] oh theres supposed to be a parenthesee after

[more coding:] I edited my post to kill the smilee, it was "dir e:"
but I had a parenthesee after it so it became a happy face.

there are plenty more.  i first tried searching on {"parenthesee"},
but that was frustrated by google's effort to be helpful and give
people what it guesses they're looking for rather than what they asked
for -- so i got piles of hits for "parentheses".  searching on {"a
parenthesee"} does the trick.  and {"a parenthesi"} gets a bunch more,
for instance:

Yeah, I had a lot of issues. I also forgot a parenthesi and I didn't
use define("IN_MYBB",1).

(that's right another parenthesi <singular> for another side note...
anyway, yes a piece of pudding if you're thinking about it, why? I
don't know cause I'm writing the blog and you're not, that's why :)
<not a parenthesi just a smiley, this however is a closing

"indicee" and "verticee":

If you are working with mesh models, you can pick an indicee(*2) and
get the corresponding vertex from (*3) and look up for the same
verticee in (*1). You can loop thru all the indicess to to build a
vertex pool with unique indicee pool.

(if you search on {"an indici"}, google asks if you meant "an indice"!)


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