A very chavvy Christmas

Chris Waigl chris at LASCRIBE.NET
Tue Dec 9 22:51:28 UTC 2008

On 9 Dec 2008, at 22:33, James Harbeck wrote:
> At the bottom of the following article is a splendid script written
> in chav-style British English.
> http://www.telegraph.co.uk/topics/christmas/3690166/Chav-nativity-casts-Mary-as-a-Kappa-slapper.html
> Amusingly, the parents of the teens who were given it to perform
> complained not about the irreverence (some might say blasphemy) but
> about the kind of language their kids were apparently being taught.

I'd have said "predictably" instead of or in addition to "amusingly".
Most members of this list are without doubt aware of the connotations
of "speak properly" (which occurs twice), which is brimming with class-
related overtones.

Chris Waigl

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