A very chavvy Christmas

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Wed Dec 10 00:11:02 UTC 2008

In the words of Pupil 2: "On that's gross, near turned my guts that as!"
Wiv an accent ony a movver could love.

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>On 9 Dec 2008, at 22:33, James Harbeck wrote:
>> At the bottom of the following article is a splendid script written
>> in chav-style British English.
>> Amusingly, the parents of the teens who were given it to perform
>> complained not about the irreverence (some might say blasphemy) but
>> about the kind of language their kids were apparently being taught.

>I'd have said "predictably" instead of or in addition to "amusingly".
>Most members of this list are without doubt aware of the connotations
>of "speak properly" (which occurs twice), which is brimming with class-
>related overtones.

>Chris Waigl

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