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Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Mon Feb 4 19:39:48 UTC 2008

At 7:14 PM +0000 2/4/08, Tom Zurinskas wrote:
>This is a wonderful open minded forum.  It's American.  I'm a dues
>paying member of the
>ADS and glad to participate.  I focus on phonetics and merely
>mention truespel to point out  that I do have expertise in this area
>having respelled the English language phonetically.  Not only that
>but I've done analyses of the frequency of phonemes in relation to
>their tradspeleeng (letter strings that spell phonemes).  I assume
>the ADS is the place to be to lead with ideas.
>As far as what you say is "hospitality and good will here" take a
>look at past emails directed at me.  Where I offer opinions and
>attack no one, I've come under personal attack frequently.  I've
>been called a troll, crank, ignorant, non-theological, and now you
>call me a spammer.  Check the emails as to hospitality.

I don't recall anyone calling you non-theological.


>My thrust is that a simplified English-based phonetic spelling is
>necessary especially for children and second language learners.  It
>appears that England is leaning this way as well.  See thier
>phonetics at
>Take a look as well at the McGraw-Hill children's dictionary.  This
>is another recent phonetic spelling.  I dare say no practical
>English based phonetic system will use SAMPA.  This is America.
>English is the lingua franca of the world because of the USA.  Time
>to get with it.
>I've introduced several ways to put sound files in this forum, which
>is about dialects.  I think we all should participate with sound
>files of our speech whenever possible.  Glad to lead the way.
>Tom Zurinskas, USA - CT20, TN3, NJ33, FL5+
>See - and the 4 truespel books plus "Occasional Poems"
>>  Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2008 01:13:07 +0800
>>  From: mcclay at TAOLODGE.COM
>>  Subject: Truespel Spam
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>>  Sender: American Dialect Society
>>  Poster: Russ McClay
>>  Subject: Truespel Spam
>>  Hey Tom --
>>  TZ => My life's work now is truespel,
>>  TZ => which is a simple phonetic spelling.
>>  In my blunt opinion, this constant harping of the
>>  Virtues of Truespel is bordering on rude spam to
>>  this academic mailing list.
>>  Personally I think you're taking advantage of the
>>  hospitality and good will here with your repetitive
>>  self-testimonials about your spelling system.
>>  Cheers,
>>  Russ
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