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LanDi Liu strangeguitars at GMAIL.COM
Tue Feb 5 04:39:38 UTC 2008

Ben Zimmer (one of my superheroes) wrote:

> > (Outside the theology of
> > ADS-L? If only we had the powers of excommunication...)

This, and a lot of the other remarks about TZ are surprising in the light of
the ADS's own description of its members (from the home page): "Our members
include academics and amateurs, professionals and dilettantes, teachers and

There are a lot of "names" that have come to my mind when reading TZ's
posts, too, but that's where they have stayed.

I am in no way condoning his behavior, however.  It does verge on spam
sometimes, and that's completely wrong on a list like this.

Maybe it's better to address these iniquities more specifically, and with
the emotional detachment normally characteristic of academic discourse
(whether or not that discourse includes participants, like me, with no
"piece of paper"*).

Randy Alexander
(*Mine are in music, having too late in life developed an interest in
Jilin City, China

The American Dialect Society -

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