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I  must admit that a couple of times recently, it's only a spellchecker
that's  kept me from putting 'rooves' in something I've been writing.   It
looks terrible, but it sounds right to  me.


I say "rooves" when I choose to, secure in the knowledge gleaned from  (not
the OED) the WUD - a very old edition. And 'rooves' is a  respectable and
acceptable plural. I thrive on "Obs." words. (Useful  in crossword puzzles...)
The very first letter I sent to ADL-Lists apologized for being 'specious' -
Lands' sake! This is all about 'speciousness'.
I've been too long at this business of writing, speaking, 'reading' the
dictionary, complete with word origins, archaic usage, etc. (not the  OED, and no
apology intended), to read this digest for anything but  entertainment! And it
has never failed me!

Geraldine Hizer

"Life is like writing without an eraser." (Author  Unknown)

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