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Mon Feb 11 17:34:31 UTC 2008

So losing a preposition may happen not only in Victoria Station but
also in Grand Central?  (Translation:  it's not only BrE but also AmE
that may lose a preposition?)


At 2/11/2008 09:48 AM, Arnold M. Zwicky wrote:
>this time in AmE vs. BrE.
>paraphrasing Garner's Modern American Usage (2003):
>   protest against: against may be omitted in AmE, but not in BrE (649)
>and Burchfield's New Fowler's (1998):
>   protest: transitive use accepted in AmE, but "far from natural" in
>BrE (635)
>and MWDEU (1989):
>   protest [against]: transitive as common in U.S. as intransitive
>use; BrE still normally uses against; commentators warn that omission
>will cause confusion, but not the case (784)
>and quoting OED (draft revision Dec. 2007) for the relevant sense:
>   "Chiefly U.S. To object to (an action or event); to challenge or
>contest; (also) to make the subject of a public protest or
>this is for "protest" in things like "protest the war" 'protest
>against the war'.  other transitive uses of "protest" -- with "that"-
>clause complements and quotations as objects -- are fine in both BrE
>and AmE.
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