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OED2 does not have "bogart", but on-line does in Draft Entry June
2005, for Tarentino's usage (sense 1, I infer) from 1966.  For a
usage I think is different from OED's sense 2, "trans. orig. and
chiefly U.S. To appropriate (a marijuana cigarette) greedily or
selfishly. Hence more generally: to take or use most of; to steal.
Also occas. intr.", I like the following from the stylish Natalie
Angier, whom I had to ask what it meant (NYTimes, 2000; previously
submitted to OED):

In addition to its medicinal value, millipede rubbing also serves as
a social lubricant. The monkeys engage in rubdowns practically en
masse, passing a single millipede from one to another....And should a
monkey insist on bogarting its millipede, the other monkey simply
rubs its body against the anointed one's fur to pick up some stray secretions.

To me, this means "hoarding", not "appropriating" or "use most of",
since the millipede in question is already in the possession of the
bogarting monkey.


At 2/11/2008 01:07 PM, Mullins, Bill AMRDEC wrote:
>Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED
>Caveats: NONE
>Gary Oldman played a white pimp ... in the movie "True Romance" (written by
>Quentin Tarentino).  ...
>Other quotes from Drexl (from IMDB, and what purports to be an online
>script): ...
>"Next time you bogart your way into a nigger's crib, an' get all his
>face, make sure you do it on white boy day."

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