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Benjamin Barrett gogaku at IX.NETCOM.COM
Fri Feb 15 08:19:35 UTC 2008

I read that post three times. It didn't say that Tonto's name was
derived from the tribe, but simply that the tribe had that name.

Jonathan Lighter wrote:
As for Tonto's name, the Tonto Basin was named for the Tonto Apaches,
who are still so designated.  Their Apache name, according to Wikipedia,
seems to mean "people with high-pitched voices,"  so maybe they can't
win either way.

I think the "high-pitched voices" part was more a joke than anything,
but I don't think having high-pitched voices is necessarily bad. It
seems like it could certainly be a good thing if singing is valued, for
example, by the Tonto Apaches. Or maybe it's bad for the post-pubescent
males because it makes them seem effeminate.

I think it's well recognized that concepts of liberty and freedom have
evolved and continue to evolve. I believe that of the viable candidates,
they will continue to evolve most positively if Obama is elected. I
personally have great expectations if he or Clinton is elected as there
are many such issues that have been stalemated in Congress for years now.

Benjamin Barrett
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Wilson Gray wrote:
> As for Tonto's name having been derived from the name of some obscure,
> hitherto unknown Indian tribe and not from Spanish "tonto," was that
> claim meant to be taken seriously? When I was around seven, I knew the
> meaning of the Spanish word. Now that I'm around 71, when it no longer
> matters, suddenly, a new, less-insulting derivation of Tonto's name
> appears out of nowhere. Even should this new derivation turn out to to
> exactly right, in 1944, no one knew and, even had anyone known, he
> wouldn't have cared.
> Am I the only one here who knows that "land of the free" and "with
> liberty and justice for all" are nothing but sick jokes and will still
> be nothing but that, should either Hillary or Barack be elected with
> 100% of the total vote?

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