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That too. (slobber, slobber) I was thinking in terms of "gumming up the
works". But dentures will do fine.

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Why incompetents? Wouldn't it be people with their dentures out who
gummed up support?


>Drum up also makes sense, whereas strum up does not. Everyone from military
>recruiters to snake oil salesmen has been drawing crowds for centuries by
>running around town beating on drums. That's why the expression "to drum
>has been around for a couple centuries at least and why "strum up" is no
>more than a (perhaps oft-repeated) malaprop, or a phrase used to comedic
>effect referring to rock bands and such. On the other hand, I suppose you
>could imagine a minstrel walking about, strumming up support; or a group of
>porn stars cumming up support; or a group of idiots dumbing up support; or
>group of incompetents gumming up support; or an a cappella choir group
>humming up support; or...
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>You must be an anarchist! "Drum up" is traditional, preferred,
>correct. Not reason enough!
>>I was curious what the preferred version might be, so I found the entry
>>at, where it says
>>that "drum up" is considered correct.
>>I don't think that's enough to make me stop using "strum up," though. Is
>>there a specific reason why strum up support is dispreferred? It's still
>>using a musical instrument and it sounds better since it employs
>>Andrea Morrow wrote:
>>>   >From a CNN article today on Chelsea Clinton's role in the
>>>presidential campaign:
>>>   Chelsea Clinton will spend three days there to strum up last-minute
>>>   votes before the state's Tuesday caucuses, said a source from her
>>>   mother's campaign.
>>>   A quick google search for "strum up support" turns up over a million
>>>   hits, but most are obvious plays on words (a rock musician strums up
>>>   support for his show, etc.)
>>>   I see this usage is already in the eggcorn database, but it's the
>>>   first time I've seen it, and it seemed worth mentioning.
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