gay = bright, lively, cheerful

RonButters at AOL.COM RonButters at AOL.COM
Tue Feb 26 01:29:27 UTC 2008

What surprised me was not the use of "lavender" but the use of "gay" (which I 
stupidly left out of the first message).

 "... *Produces Gay Masses of Blue-Violet Flowering Spires ..."

In a message dated 2/25/08 8:26:01 PM, thnidu at GMAIL.COM writes:

> I'm not surprised at all. Lavender is the name of a plant, or a family of
> plants, and there isn't any real alternative for the word. What's more, this
> is the *word*, not the color (that is, not the color itself; the name of the
> color is another use of the word, thank you very much White Knight
> endofdigression).
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